Social Enterprise

We started a social enterprise with the aim to provide employment to the unprivileged women to sustain their lives. We start with 5 women making 3000 bags per month increased to 100 women making 5 Tons bags per month.

We provide them with used swing machines and waste cloth frm factories and boutiques. Women are engaged in making cloth-bags and their produce is supplied to local vendors who use them as a replacement for harmful plastic bags.

These bags are made of recycled clothing, primarily used sarees, which are thin and suitable for packing groceries. These bags are available in different sizes from 1 kg to 10kg.

Employment for a better future


The secret to happiness lies in helping others. Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of the poor

Our Campaigns

  • - Vaccination Awareness during COVID
  • - Free Medicines to people during COVID
  • - Education campaign for underprivileged kids
  • - Food donation campaign Since 2018
  • - Women Empowerment Campaign

collective Efforts info

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  • Jaipur, India - 302017