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Beneficiary & Volunteers from Jaisalmer

Promoting and providing online platform to sell the products made by unprivileged women of bheel community (Tribal group in India)

Inspired from collective efforts a group of five youngsters trying to make life easy for these kids.

Direct From Beneficiary

2020 is a year that changed my life forever.

A year that brought COVID to India.

A year, that took away happiness from a lot of families.

A year, that took away my wife August 2020, my wife was seven months pregnant, As COVID was at its peak, wo were taking every possible precaution.

One day, my wife started to show the symptoms; we took her to the Government hospital but couldn't find the available bed to get her admitted. We had to check around and rush to the nearest affordable hospital, and hence we got her admitted to Apollo Hospital in Mumbai, Doctors were trying their best and she was showing no improvement.

She delivered a premature daughter. They both were kept on a ventilator because of their condition. Being an employee who hardly makes 390 USD a month. it was difficult to pay the bills for a long time.

I reached out to everyone for help, and no one could provide financial aid I somehow got in touch with Tamish, and I received the support of 1500 USD. The amount helped us with the speedy recovery of my daughter.

I lost my wife, and the void is still felt, but I am grateful that my daughter survived, She helps me get through a day at a time all thanks to Tamish's help

Parent Beneficiary


The secret to happiness lies in helping others. Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of the poor

Our Campaigns

  • - Vaccination Awareness during COVID
  • - Free Medicines to people during COVID
  • - Education campaign for underprivileged kids
  • - Food donation campaign Since 2018
  • - Women Empowerment Campaign

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